About MTN

MTN was created for car enthusiasts as an alternative to forums and mainstream social media.

Forums can be good but you usually have to join a different forum for each make of car or interest, and often there's a few to choose from or you need to join them all. It can be hard to keep up to date with all of them.

Social networking is great but again, you have to join separate groups for each of your interests, and sometimes there are many groups for the same interest. The same questions come up time after time and your friends and family might be seeing your posts even though they have no interest in your car.

MTN doesn't care who wants to be your friend, or what you had for lunch. It's all about the cars.

If you see something you are interested in you can watch it and be notified of updates.

There's no closed groups and all posts are public (private messaging is available) and can be searched and indexed by search engines.

When questions are posted the asker can flag an answer as the accepted answer so people who come across the post later can see straight away what the solution was.

If you have a project car you can post regular updates, like a blog, and people can follow along with your progress.

Add articles to the knowledgebase to form an online manual for service and repair procedures.

You can post for sale and wanted ads for cars, car parts and automotive products and services, and post automotive-related events.

Everything is organised by topics. A topic can be a car brand, model or series, an engine type, an aftermarket product, part of a car, a type of modification, a car service or repair procedure, a type of racing, a type of automotive event, or anything car-related that people want to talk about.

Some examples of topics are: ford, toyota-corolla, bmw-e36, chevrolet-ls1, brembo, supercharging, wheel-alignment, nascar and swap-meet.

You can even use a VIN as a topic, building a wiki for a specific car.

Everyone helps to prevent spam. If you see any spam you can report it, and based on our anti-spam rules, spammers and their posts will be hidden.

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