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Innovations across the S40 and V40 2000 (Volvo press release: 27 September, 1999)

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[Excerpts from press release titled "Volvo's Sensational New C70 Convertible Makes its Australian Debut"]

27 September, 1999

The S40 and V40 have been revised and are now available with four engine types from the fun new naturally aspirated 1.8 to the powerful T4 SE, offering a range of cars to suit all Volvo customers.

All four 2000 variants come standard with air conditioning, central locking and heated electric mirrors, twin child booster seats, Home Safe lighting and cabin pollen filters.

The 1.8 and 2.0 litre engines of the S40 and V40 have been refined for 2000 and now deliver better performance, lower fuel consumption, lower emissions and quieter operation for an improved drive.

All prices for the Model Year 2000 range have been GST-reduced, starting at $39,950. Standard features include:

*Side Impact Protection System (SIPS)
*Home Safe lighting
*Larger side airbags
*"Smart" front airbags with two trigger levels
*Volvo's patented Whiplash Protection System (WHIPS)
*Twin integrated child booster seats

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