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Volvo - Ford - Mazda P1 parts compatability

johna posted 3 months ago

Putting together a list of Volvo P1 parts and their Ford and Mazda equivalents.

Volvo PartPart No.Ford P/NMazda P/N
Coolant tank (2.4i)307761511438913 / 3M5H8K218DG
Coolant tank (T5)307761505M5H8K218AA / 8V618K218AE ?
Engine mount right (2.4i)31262676
Engine mount right (T5)307580203M516F012AJ
Engine mount left (2.4i, 194444+)313164985N517M121KD
Engine mount left313597793M517M121GB
Torque mount9487349

Work in progress.

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