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Replacing drive shafts, Volvo S40/V40 AW55-50/51SN

johna posted 11 months ago

Drive shaft left-hand side, replace

Special tools: 999 5633


Removing drive shaft nuts

-the hub cap
-the drive shaft nut and washer.

Removing the wheel and splash guards

-the left front wheel
-the splash guard under the engine
-the splash guard in the wheel arch.

Disconnecting the drive shaft from the gearbox

Remove the drive shaft from the gearbox enough to free the snap ring in the differential gear. Use jimmy tool 999 5633 .

Disconnecting the drive shaft from the hub

If the drive shaft sticks in the hub, tap it with a copper or rubber mallet. If necessary press the drive shaft out of the hub using a universal puller. The drive shaft can be pressed approx 15 mm in.

Removing components

-the brake hose from the mounting on the spring strut
-The ABS cable from the mounting in the wheel arch and on the spring strut
-the ABS sensor
-the stub axle from the spring strut.

Removing the drive shaft

Turn the wheel (turning to the right).

Angle the stub axle and remove the drive shaft from the hub and gear box.

Caution! Do not damage the seal in the hub.

Temporarily secure the stub axle to the spring strut with one of the screws.

Caution! Ensure that no dirt enters the hub bearing.


Installing the left drive shaft

Note! Ensure that a new expander ring is used.

Ensure that the pulse wheel for the ABS sensor on the drive shaft is clean.
Press in the drive shaft firmly so that the snap ring engages in its groove in the differential gear. Carefully pull the drive shaft constant velocity joint to check that the drive shaft is secure.

Note! Do not damage the seal ring in the gearbox and the boot on the drive shaft.

Installing the drive shaft, stub axle, brake hose and ABS sensor

Align the drive shaft in the hub

-the screws for the stub axle with new lock nuts
Torque: 90 Nm.
-the brake hose with the retaining clip on the spring strut
-the ABS sensor
-The ABS cable for the spring strut and wheel arch.

Install a new washer and a new lock nut on the drive shaft.
Finger tighten the nut.

Installing splash guard and wheels

-the splash guard in the wheel arch
-splash guards beneath gearbox/engine
-the wheel,
see Installing wheels .

Tightening the drive shaft nut

-Lower the car.
-Apply the parking brake.
-Move the gear selector to P.
-Tighten the drive shaft nut. See Centre nut, drive shaft and tightening torque.
-Install the hub cap.

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