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Volvo S40/V40 1995-2004 control arm replacement procedure

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Control arm and control arm bushings, replacing (procedure extracted from Volvo VIDA)

Special tools:

116 1422
116 1435
998 5433
999 5065
999 5624
999 5625
999 5626
999 5637
999 8081

Note! There may be certain deviations in the illustrations.

Note! The ball joint is integrated in the control arm and cannot be replaced.

Remove the control arm from the cross member

Raise the car.
Slacken off the ball joint nut as
much as possible.

Note! Clean the ball joint thread using a wire brush. Use rust penetrator 116 1422 (116 1435 USA). If the ball joint releases in the cone, position a transmission jack under the control arm. Carefully lift (not more than so the front spring is in the resting position) until the cone jams. Remove the nut.

• the stud in the front edge
• the two screws at the rear edge.

Move the wheel to one side. Pull out the control arm from the cross member.

Note! Ensure that the drive shaft is not pulled out of the transmission.

Control arm from ball joint, removing

Slacken off the nut positioned on the ball joint as much as possible. Press the rubber down. Install the special tool 999 5637.

Warning! Secure the tool to prevent damage.

Press out the ball joint.
Remove the nut and draw out the control arm.

Wheel spindle ball joint, check

Install the nut. Use a torque gauge 999 8081 to measure the ball joint torque.
Torque during rotation must be between 1.0 and 3.0 Nm.
The control arm must be replaced if the torque is outside these values.

Ball joint / Link arm
Maximum permitted play axially 0.5 mm
radially 0.5 mm

Ball joint rubber ring, replacing

Caution! Replace the ball joint rubber ring if it is worn or damaged.

Clean the area around the ball joint.
Remove the old rubber ring.
Lubricate the new ring and install it.
Ensure that the locking springs are correctly installed.

Control arm rear bushing, replacing

Turbocharged engines: Remove the nut on the right-hand side.
Position the control arm in a vise.
Hold the bushing down using special tool 998 5433.
Press the control arm out of the bushing using a drift.
Clean the axle end of the wheel spindle.
Lubricate the new bushing using soap solution. Press the bushing onto the control arm. Use special tool 999 5065.

Note! Check the position of the bushing.

Note! The bushing must be secured inside (cannot be removed).

Press out the front bushing from the control arm

Remove the bushing. Use special tool 999 5624 and 999 5625.
Lubricate the tool 999 5624 with soap water to facilitate removal.
Cut the bushing in the necessary places so that the tool can be correctly installed.
Press the bushing out of the control arm.

Note! Special tool 999 5625 cuts through the rubber.

Note! Before using this tool 999 5625 ensure that the tool is positioned over the pin 999 5626. If necessary, grind out any unevenness.

Install the front bushing in the control arm

Note! To ensure that there is no exhaust leakage, see: Flanged joint, assembling.

Install the pin. Connect special tool 999 5626 . Lubricate the bushing using the soap solution and install it on the pin. Position 999 5625 on the pin and press the bushing onto the control arm. The bushing must be parallel to the control arm.
Remove 999 5626 by removing the pin.

Install the control arm

Install the control arm with the ball joint on the wheel spindle.
Install the control arm in the cross member. Install the screw and nut.
Install the two screws in the rear bushing.
Tighten all screws and nuts by hand.
Post-tighten the two rear screws.
Tighten to 90 Nm.

Control arm, installing

Press the ball joint all the way down. Tighten to 67 Nm.
Remove the support and rock the car a few times so that the bushings come into the correct position.
Tighten the nut. Tighten to 90 Nm + 60°.

• the front mounting and wheel alignment. See Wheel alignment, checking/adjusting.


Control arm, left (8)
Volvo 30887653, Lemforder 35489 01

Control arm, right (8)
Volvo 30887654, Lemforder 35490 01

Support (bracket for busing) (9)
Volvo 30872509
(Screw for above, both sides (14), Volvo 982128)

Bushing, left (9a)
Volvo 30872510

Bushing, right (9a)
Volvo 30872511

Bushing, both sides (10)
Volvo 30818467
(Screw for above, both sides (11), Volvo 30812113
lock nut for above, both sides (12), Volvo 985947)

Lock but (for ball joint), both sides (13)
Volvo 985962

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