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Holden Commodore VT V6 fuel filter replacement

johna posted 6 years ago

I recently replaced the fuel filter on our 1998 Holden Commodore Acclaim with the 3.8 litre V6 engine. I found that the instructions I had found online for how to remove the fuel pipes did not work for me so here are some instructions for how I did it.

Before you start on this job you should relieve fuel pressure. I did this by leaving the car running and then pulling out the fuel pump fuse.

Firstly, if you aren't sure where the fuel filter is located, it is accessible from underneath and behind the car, just next to the differential and on the right side of the car.

I backed the car up on to ramps so that there was plenty of room to work in, but you don't necessarily need to lift the car at all.

The filter is held in place with a plastic clip which is easy to remove, but you are probably best leaving that until after the hoses have been removed.

To remove the hoses some people say to squeeze them, possibly using pliers, and that they break easy. I found that no amount of squeezing would release them.

Instead I used two small flat screwdrivers and inserted them into the two larger holes on each side of the hose-end clip. I inserted them in the direction of the filter end of the hose/clip. With just a little levering of both screwdrivers and a push towards the filter then pull back from the filter action they came out very easily and without breakage.

Before you take it out make note of which direction the filter is installed.

To avoid as much fuel leakage as possible, on the new filter leave one of the plugs on and as you take off one end of the hose plug it straight into the new filter, then put the plug that came with the new filter on the old filter. Then take off the other hose end and connect to the new filter and re-clip it to the car.

It's a simple job that should take only a few minutes, depending on how long it takes you to work out the clips.

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