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How to find out the selling dealer on a Carsales.com.au advertisement

johna posted 3 years ago

Don't you find it annoying when you are looking at a car for sale on Carsales.com.au and you don't know where the selling dealer is?

Sure you can type in your postcode and they will tell you that you are less than 100 km away or something like that, but some of us want to simply know what suburb the dealer is in.

Or you could try Google-ing the registration number and maybe find the car advertised on another site that doesn't hide the dealer's name and location.

But there's a simpler way... Most likely due to motor vehicle dealer advertising laws, Carsales.com.au has included the dealer's name and license number, but they have hidden it way down in the footer in small light-coloured print.

Ignore the phone number and Google the dealer's name or license number and you will find the information you are wanting.

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