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First update for my project Volvo V50

johna posted about 2007 Volvo V50 4 years ago

My first efforts on the new Volvo were mostly cleaning of the interior to try and make it more presentable and to start getting rid of the cigarette smell.

I bought a steering wheel and gear knob from a local wrecker and fitted those straight away.

I finally got access to a code reader but it was after I had removed the battery to install the steering wheel so I lost the stored fault codes. I need to take it for a reasonable drive as no faults appeared when I left it idling for 5 minutes.

While checking around in the engine bay I found that one rubber hose was covered in tape so I removed the tape and found the hose had a hole in it. This was probably not causing any issues as the tape looked to be doing a good job at stopping any leaks, but will be replaced at some point.

I also found another hose located just behind the oil filter that was completely broken in two. This hose is part of the PCV system and once I removed the intake manifold I found the rest of the hose was disintegrating. I've ordered a new one and it looks like the new part is better quality as the original appeared to be made out of plastic but the new one is rubber. I am hoping this could be the cause of the idling and stalling problem.

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