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Review of Napolex Broadway rear-view mirror

johna posted 3 years ago

My Volvo V50's rear-view mirror is pretty small and all I can see out of it at most times is what is directly behind me, and not the rear corners like I have been able to see out of most cars I have driven.

I found it a bit unsafe as it takes a bit of extra effort to check my blindspots and actually had a couple of situations where I thought it was clear to change lanes but spotted a car there in a final shoulder check.

I heard about Broadway mirrors on a Youtube video so looked them up and ended up ordering one from China on Aliexpress for less than A$15. I'm not sure if it is a genuine Napolex Broadway but it came packaged and branded as from Napolex.

They make a few different types. Widths are either 270mm or 300mm, and they come in either flat or convex, and white or blue. I read a few reviews and formed the opinion that the convex mirrors take some getting used to so I went with a flat one and I chose a 270mm as I knew that would fit between my sun visors when they are in-use. I didn't specifically choose blue but that is what came but it just looks like a normal mirror to me and is not noticeably blue.

The mirror clipped on to the factory mirror very easily and provides a great view of what's behind and the rear of both sides. I can now see from B-pillar to B-pillar on my wagon.

I can certainly recommend these mirrors - the flat type at least - where your factory mirror is inadequate.

The only negative is that on bumpy roads there is some vibration but it's not too bad. Maybe some foam between the mirrors might improve this.

Just make sure you measure the distance between your sun visors when they are in-use and make sure you can fit the size you are looking at (270mm is a good size). Your factory mirror also needs to be between 55mm and 80mm high for the Broadway mirror to fit.

This is the one that I bought from Aliexpress:

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