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BMW 1-Series (E82/E87/E88) 2004-2013 Review

Motor Traders Network posted 3 years ago

Four-cylinder petrol engines suffer from many problems, mostly due to too long service intervals. Problems include oil consumption due to worn valve stem seals, oil leaks, ignition coil, variable valve timing system and timing chain issues.

Six-cylinder petrol engines are more reliable but the N52 suffers from piston ring and valve stem seal issues. The N54 engines can require replacement of fuel pumps and injectors at low mileages.

Some diesel engines have issues with timing chains.

All models use run-flat tyres which are more expensive to replace and usually cannot be repaired after a puncture. Many owners replace with regular tyres and carry an aerosol temporary tyre repair product in case of a puncture.

Image credit: Rudolf Stricker, Attribution, via Wikimedia Commons

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