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Continuing variable valve timing faults with the Volvo V50

johna posted about 2007 Volvo V50 2 years ago

In my last update I had ordered a cheap inlet valve timing valve from China. Unfortunately this never arrived and the seller on Aliexpress ended up providing a refund as they weren't able to send it after a couple of months.

Rather than order another <A$30 part from Aliexpress that may or may not arrive I opted for the A$107 Dorman brand valve from Amazon which arrived very quickly from the USA to Australia.

I fitted it, crossed my fingers and, once I remembered to reconnect the throttle body, it ran as before and eventually threw the same ECM-640A and ECM-640F error codes... So no change.

Using VIDA I was able to view the live data relating to camshaft timing. It seems to hit the upper and lower extremes for one of the data values when it returns to idle.

Next step? Possibilities are that the timing belt skipped a tooth, or there could be a problem with the wiring to the VVC valve. Other than that, I'm running out of ideas.

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