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Volvo V40 T4 manual on offer in Tasmania

johna posted 2 years ago

These are getting rare, particularly T4 models in manual.

This 1999 model is offered for sale in Tasmania for $2,400 and has travelled 180,000km.

It looks to be in good condition aside from the front seats.

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johna replied 2 years ago

The car was marked as sold within only a day or two, not surprisingly.

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johna replied 1 year ago

Someone posted about this car on ozvolvo.org/discussion/comment/211462/#Comment_211462:

"I looked at this. Wow dodgy as. Heater coil gone - to the extent that mould and area floor mats stuck to carpet in back. No water in expansion tank, water had blown out of expansion tank. Took 3 litres of water to fill it and then it was all oily. Spoke to my mechanic who had serviced it and brakes needed doing, they had cooked the engine on the highway. So body looked ok apart from dent in roof, but mechanically it was shot. The guy was happy to reduce it by $500 because of possible work needed - quite laughable really. It had been traded by a car yard and a mate and detailer from car yard was trying to flog it off so no connection to car yards reputation. It has come up a couple of times for sale this year as people have bought it and discovered that it is a disaster. Inside pretty average to grotty."

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