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Volvo S40/V40 T4 engine differences - B4194T, B4194T2, B4204T5

johna posted 2 years ago

T4 versions of the first-generation Volvo S/V40 have one of three different engines. This post attempts to clear up any confusion using information gathered mostly from Volvo's VIDA software.

Upon release, the T4 came with the B4194T engine. These are 1,855 cc (81 x 90 mm) with 8.5:1 compression ratio and have hydraulic lifters. They use a Mitsubishi TD04L-14T turbocharger running 190 kPa (27.56 psi) of boost and have Siemens EMS 2000 engine management.

Engine output is 200 PS (147 kW; 197 hp) at 5500 rpm with 300 Nm (220 lb-ft) of torque at 2400-3800 rpm.

In 1999 the engine was updated and the new version is known as the B4194T2. It has the same 1,855 cc capacity.

These are often referred to as phase 1.5 models and the changeover occurred from chassis number 415000 (last six digits of VIN). The B4194T2 is identified by "24" as the sixth and seventh digit of the VIN (the earlier engines are "18").

According to Volvo documentation, the newer engine has solid lifters and variable valve timing on the exhaust camshaft only, but from some investigation most if not all B4194T2 engines do not have VVT at all.

Finally, when the phase 2 model was introduced for the 2001 model year, the T4 engine was changed to the B4204T5 engine which is 1,948 cc (83 x 90 mm), the same 8.5:1 compression ratio, and also has solid lifters and variable valve timing on the exhaust camshaft. These engines use a TD04L-15T turbocharger which has a larger compressor wheel than earlier models.

The B4204T5 is identified by "37" as the sixth and seventh digit of the VIN.

Output is the same 200 PS (147 kW; 197 hp) at 5500 rpm and 300 Nm (220 lb-ft) of torque but now at 2500-4000 rpm.

According to the Volvo parts catalog, the crankshaft and connecting rods are the same for all three engines, and dual-mass flywheels are used on all of the T4 engines.

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johna replied 2 years ago

From researching forum posts, opinion appears to be that the B4194T/T2 is superior as they have forged pistons (TBC) and the B4204T5 has a larger bore so the distance between cylinders is smaller which makes them more prone to cracking.

I also found this in a forum post although I do not know if it is accurate:
"the main other ones (differences) are a different type of connecting rod mating surface to the end cap which is of a dedicated fracture design surface on the B4192T2, on the B4192T the surfaces are smooth and later does not have extra cut outs in the block around the bigends journals allowing for better distribution of oil lubrication and more important cooling, this is why the B4192T2 is considered the Holy Grail for tuners."

"The coolant sleeves in the block as also slightly different, as are the piston cooling jets."

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