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Volvo S40/V50/C30/C70 II rear brake caliper piston rewind tool specifications

johna posted 1 year ago

When changing the rear brake pads on a Volvo P1 chassis model (S40, V50, C30, C70 II), you can't just push the piston back into the caliper to make room for the new pads.

The pistons on these models need to be turned clockwise and pushed back at the same time. The piston contains two holes so a tool can be used to accomplish this.

Although it is possible to turn the piston with a pair of needle-nose pliers, special tools are available for this purpose and are inexpensive.

Many other makes and models now use the same system, but there are a variety of different sizes and some turn clockwise and others anti-clockwise. The hole spacing for these Volvo models is 20mm and this size is not included in all kits, so be careful what you buy.

A universal brake rewind tool kit like the 22/23 piece one pictured and commonly found on eBay and Amazon will suit these Volvo models and should also serve you well with future makes and models.

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