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Finally picked up and saw my new V40 for the first time

johna posted about 2002 Volvo V40 2.0 7 months ago

It's been over two weeks since I bought this car, and today I finally got to see it and drive it home.

As I mentioned in my last post, I bought it sight-unseen and had it towed to a repairer as according to the seller, it was making bad noises from the driveshafts.

My repairer ended up replacing both driveshafts, which wasn't cheap.

The car drove fine on the 1 hour 15 minute drive home. It even came with over half a tank of petrol.

Being non-turbo and an automatic, I found it quite slow, even compared to my wife's Mercedes C-class which has the same size engine.

Once home I gave the car a good clean inside and outside. Unfortunately the paintwork has sun damage on the doors on one side, and a little on the roof. I don't think the car had been washed in years and the paintwork has suffered.

Inside the car is reasonably good. I removed the seat covers and found the seats don't have any tears and are pretty good compared to many V40's I see. Unfortunately there is significant damage to the carpet on the driver's side.

The car came with quite a bit of paperwork detailing previous service, repairs and problems. It seems to have had a lot of problems. It also came with a copy of the advertisement from when the last owner bought the car. I am the third owner.

So now I start on the project of restoring it to a better condition without spending too much money on it.

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