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Some overdue servicing for my 2002 Volvo V40

johna posted about 2002 Volvo V40 2.0 8 months ago

My V40 came with reasonably thorough service records and there was no record of a fuel filter replacement so I figured it was time to replace it.

I followed the instructions in the Haynes manual and it was an easy job except I struggled to remove the fuel lines from the filter. Fortunately, my neighbour helped out and popped them off. The clamp that holds the filter in place was broken, and I replaced it with a metal hose clamp. I'm not sure this was the right thing to do, as the old clamp was plastic and has a single wire that connects to it, I do not know why. Maybe the fuel filter is not meant to be grounded to the car or something.

Once out, the old filter looked to be from 2002. If you look at my photo, you can see how dirty the fuel coming out of the old filter looks.

Also due was replacing the spark plugs. The last recorded change was 55,000 km ago. Again, this was an easy job with one obstacle: three of the old plugs could not be unscrewed. I sprayed in some WD40 and turned them back and forth a bit and eventually they came out.

The old plugs were Volvo brand, which is very common for replacements, and they looked a bit tired although not too bad. I installed a set of Bosch plugs.

With the engine covers off I could see the timing belt, and it didn't look too good. There was quite a bit of cracking on the back of the belt. I will add that to the 'to-do' list.

I had been noticing when driving the car that it had some hesitation at times. So far it seems to be driving better so it appears this servicing has improved it.

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