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Researching the "Most Beautiful Estate Car in the World" award given to the Volvo V40

johna posted 8 months ago

On the Wikipedia page for the Volvo S40 and V40, it is stated that the V40 was named the "Most Beautiful Estate Car in the World" at an Italian award ceremony.

The reference for this was a Volvo UK press release from 2003.

There is no mention of who gave this award or when.

An Internet search reveals a little more information. On the Motor Trend (USA) website they mention the year and organisation that gave the award:

"Italian organization and magazine Automobila honored the Volvo V40 with its 'Most Beautiful Estate Car in the World' award."

So I went looking for more information, and possibly the issue of the magazine with an article about the award.

Problem is I cannot find an Italian car magazine called Automobila. Even a search on eBay Italy for that magazine title returns no matches.

So does Automobila exist or is that information wrong? Can anyone help?


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