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$500 1997 BMW 318is Update

johna posted about 1997 BMW 318is 12 years ago

Cleaning day. I stripped the interior of everything that came off reasonably easily... Seats, console, glovebox, door trims, and various other pieces.

Under the seats it was pretty disgusting. About 14 years worth of crap. The good news is I found $11.70 in change which paid for lunch today, and an amusement park token. I also found barbeque shapes, twisties, lipstick, various hair accessories, and a Nintendo DS game. I gave the interior a good vacuuming and it now looks okay, but still needs work. All of the plastic parts were washed and then refitted. I haven't bothered fitting the front seats as I hope to find replacements, and the door trims need some work before they can go back on.

I also washed the exterior and then gave it a cut and polish with a clear coat-safe product. The paint itself is very nice, but it has lots of scratches as if it is been driven through tree branches often. My wife approves of it so if all goes well mechanically we should be keeping it.

I pulled out the blower motor "final stage unit" as I think that is the cause of my climate control not doing much.

Here's a few photos of before and after, plus a close up of the problems with the bonnet.

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