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$500 1997 BMW 318is Update

johna posted about 1997 BMW 318is 12 years ago

If you saw my first post, you would have seen the condition of the bonnet. It had several large areas where the paint had peeled off and the exposed metal had started to rust. It looked awful and was the main reason this car looked so bad.

Fast forward to this morning, when I miraculously found a bonnet in the right colour very close to home. I had to use a boat to pick it up (on a trailer, I didn't have to get there by water) and fitted it straight away. It has one chip, a small dent and a few scratches but fits in well with the rest of the car.

It makes a big difference and the car is really coming along now.


* Oil leak... fixed.
* Bonnet... replaced.
* Windscreen... replaced.
* Auto transmission... replacement bought, waiting on seals and filter before fitting.
* Interior... rooflining done, seats still to be repaired or replaced, still trying to find reasonably priced steering wheel, and a few more parts required.
* Sunroof... fixed.
* Air conditioning... still trying to work out how to get the blower motor out which is suspected of being faulty!
* Registration... waiting on auto transmission install and horn repair.

For the seats I have decided that as sports seats in a 4-door are quite rare that I should try and repair the ones I have. I looked at realoem.com and many of the parts between sedan and coupe sports seats are the same, so I hope to find a damaged set of coupe sports seats which are much more common and fix mine.

Here's a picture of the new bonnet in place, and I now also have orange indicators instead of clear ones.

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