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$500 1997 BMW 318is Update

johna posted about 1997 BMW 318is 12 years ago

Unfortunately the fitting of the new transmission did not go well today.

First call I got was that the transmission I bought was different and would not fit. So I rang around and found another one for A$350 and had it delivered.

I am not sure what went on but apparently the one delivered didn't fit either but the place I bought it from brought another one which will fit.

I say will fit, because it isn't fitted yet. The rear main seal is leaking which is no problem because I bought one and asked them to fit it anyway. But there is a plastic hose distribution pipe on the back of the cylinder head that is broken and needs replacing too. There seems to still be some oil leaking too, and not just that from the rear main seal. They also won't give it a pink slip (registration inspection) because parts of the interior are missing.

Hopefully no more suprises tomorrow. But I don't think the bill is going to be A$350 as originally quoted just to fit and service the transmission.

I have now have a spare auto transmission.

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