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Finally, my new 1991 325i is delivered

johna posted about 1991 BMW 325i 10 years ago

I finally got the car around 6:30am this morning, 10 days after the original planned delivery date.

I haven't had a good look at it yet but so far so bad... The paint is not so good, with clear coat damaged in several places and not just on the doors like the seller said. That front panel that looked a different shade in the photos does actually appear to be a different shade, and also has some unusual panel gaps around it. On a positive note the engine starts well and sounds a bit more interesting than my 4 cylinder E36's. I wll have a better look tonight after work but it will probably be a little dark so won't get a good look until the weekend. Anyway, serves me right for impulse buying!

Anyway, for entertainment purposes I have provided a transcript below of the SMS messages and phone calls between me and the guy transporting the car (Dmitiri) from Melbourne to me in Sydney, starting at the original planned delivery date.

Dmitiri: 13-Jul-2012 5:00pm
Hello John.
Thought I'd be as str8 forward with u as possible.
Accident 2:05pm @ East Hawthorn.
Ur car not touched at all & I hav the best tie down hooks with straps that it didn't budge a bit!
A Volvo SUV pulled a right turn at an intersection with no blinker on a yellow light!
My vehicle probably a wrote-off.
Anyhow the thing is.
I have two choices to make.
Dmitiri: 13-Jul-2012 5:00pm
I can drive ur car to u tonight -or-
I am hiring a small car 2 get me home 2 get my Ford Truck here to tow my trailer to urs afterwards bout Sunday I'd say.
Please let me know by 6pm,
ta John
At this point I called him, checked he was okay, and told him to sort himself out and get the car to me when he could.
Me: 13-Jul-2012 5:14pm
Can I ask if the car is in a safe location as I have no insurance on it.
I re-read his messages and saw the offer to drive my car, so tried to call him to ask about that option.
He called me soon afterwards and told me the car was in a safe place (according to the tow truck driver who took his truck). I asked about the offer to drive my car but he said he had already arranged a rental car after our last conversation, plus he was worried about insurance issues in driving my car, and also didn't feel confident driving a manual.
Me: 15-Jul-2012 3:01pm (2 days after original planned delivery date)
John here. Just wondering if you were delivering bmw today or not? Thanks
Dmitiri: 15-Jul-2012 4:38pm
Hi John.
Half way in putting things back up on the Ford.
Will aim to leave Tuesday night I hope.
Me: 15-Jul-2012 6:15pm
Ok, but a little worried about security of the car.
Dmitiri: 15-Jul-2012 6:20pm
It's a two way residential street with cars parked all around.
I am sure it's safe there.
I am more skeptical about my spare trailer tyre missing & tie down straps before the car being broken into or taken.
Me: 15-Jul-2012 6:37pm
Thanks makes me feel better
Me: 18-Jul-2012 9:31am (5 days after original planned delivery date)
Hi. Any news on the delivery of my bmw?
Dmitiri: 18-Jul-2012 9:42am
yes am planning to leave 2night.
Have a mobile mechanic mate coming over now to help me guide the radiator in & blow out the back of the engine block where old water & possibly some corossion is sitting!
Me: 18-Jul-2012 10:03am
Ok but please dont delay any further. I am selling my other car and need this one to replace it and still need time to register it.
Dmitiri: 18-Jul-2012 10:23am
Sure thing.
understand the concern now.
Will surely get out later today then.
Dmitiri: 19-Jul-2012 12:32pm
Will some1 be around 2moro morning if I come between 8am-1pm?
Dmitiri: 19-Jul-2012 12:33pm
Cant speculate time yet though.
As it'd be my first time taking out the 1981 F350 interstate!
Me: 19-Jul-2012 12:36pm
My wife will be nearby so if you can let me know about am hour before she can meet you. Thank you
Dmitiri: 20-Jul-2012 10:00am (7 days after original planned delivery date)
My Ford has been finished 6am this morning over the last 3 days!
I need to re-build my itinerary once again.
I am now aiming for a Saturday evening/night drop off.
At this point I called him, and told him I was starting to get annoyed about all the broken promises. I told him that if he can't make it he really needs to let me know beforehand.
Me: 21-Jul-2012 8:55pm (8 days after original planned delivery date)
Hi. Just wondering if you have am eta for delivery tonight?
Dmitiri: 21-Jul-2012 9:08pm
No I dont.
Didnt want to disturb u 2nite with another negative.
Im gettibg to trailer around 1pm tonight.
My Ford 3 speed gear box duznt help the process either!
Me: 21-Jul-2012 9:14pm
So delivery tomorrow? Approx what time?
Dmitiri: 21-Jul-2012 9:19pm
All depending on my fatigue thruout the nite
Dmitiri: 22-Jul-2012 9:16am (9 days after original planned delivery date)
Had to have a sleep from 5am as were microsleeping.
I expect to arrive around 7pm.
Car not broken into or anything smashed nor anything stolen of mine.
Me: 22-Jul-2012 9:55am
Thanks that is good news.
Dmitiri: 22-Jul-2012 5:40pm
Dmitiri: 22-Jul-2012 9:03pm
I've Stopped at Marulan to answer all non-stop msgs coming in.
I'll let you sleep & visit u in the morning. hows that sound?
Dot a time & I'll park nearby tonight to see u in the morning.
Me: 22-Jul-2012 9:58pm
Up to you. I am up often due to baby. If it is midnight thats fine. But if you need a break from driving then 6am.
Dmitiri: 22-Jul-2012 10:05pm
Yes 6am, as gps alrdy telling me 12:15am if I were to leave BP Marulan now.
C u in morn.
Dmitiri: 23-Jul-2012 6:08am (10 days after original planned delivery date)
10km away.
Car was finally delivered at 6:40am

Here's a picture of my driveway now. Now there is three BMW E36s...

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