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Bought another parts car

johna posted 11 years ago

Like a little old lady that collects stray cats, I seem to be doing the same with BMW E36s.

I found a 1992 318i automatic sedan with a blown head gasket for sale and, after looking at it and making a few low offers, and a few weeks wait, I purchased it today for A$400. Add another A$65 for towing just a few kilometers.

In addition to the engine problem it also needs a respray, has just ran out of registration and the interior is in poor condition.

Positives are that it has 16" wheels with good tyres, M3 side protection strips, a rare centre arm rest, and the head lining is in good condition so will go straight in to my 325i.

Shame that I tried to swap the interior mirror with the one in my 325i and cracked my windscreen (it had a crack in that area already).

Aside from a few parts here and there most of the parts are destined for sale and the rest will go to scrap metal. I don't want to keep the car for too long as it takes up valuable space so am going to try and get rid of it over the next few weeks.

This car has a private import compliance plate and I am interested to work out which country it came from. I can't tell from the VIN though I see from the original specifications that it was not originally fitted with a catalytic converter, and has a speedometer in kilometers.

Type code CA42
Type 318I (EUR)
E series E36 (4)
Series 3
Type LIM
Steering RL
Doors 4
Engine M40
Displacement 1.80
Power 83
Drive HECK
Transmission AUT
Upholstery (0466)
Prod.date 1992-01-15

Code Description (interface) Description (EPC)
S411A FENSTERHEBER,ELEKTRISCH VORN/HINTEN Window lifts,electric,front/rear
S530A KLIMAANLAGE Air conditioning
S548A KILOMETERTACHO Kilometre speedo
S570A STAERKERE STROMVERSORGUNG Reinforced power supply
S818A BATTERIEHAUPTSCHALTER Battery master switch
S823A HEISSLAND-AUSFUEHRUNG Hot-climate version
S850A ZUSAETZL. TANKFUELLUNG EXPORT Additional Export tank filling
S925A VERSANDSCHUTZPAKET Dispatch protection pack

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