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Second parts car gone

johna posted 11 years ago

A$100 was the amount received for the shell of my 1992 318i parts car, with no bonnet, guards, boot, doors, interior or transmission. Once again I have my carport back.

I knew this car wasn't going to be as profitable as the previous 1997 323i. Before purchasing it I guessed there was only about $600 profit in it, but reasoned that the parts I could use myself were also going to save me money. I used the headlining and various other miscellanous parts in my 325i and my wife's 318is, and kept the wheels and tyres and M3 side rubbing strips for use in the future.

So far I have made about A$500 profit and still have a few hundred dollars worth of parts to sell.

The previous car has made close to A$2,200 profit which mostly comes down to the black leather interior which was in good condition, as opposed to the 318i which had a grey leather interior with plenty of wear.

I'm keeping my eye out for the next bargain wrecked or non-running E36.

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