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A Youtube channel that deserves to be much larger: INITIAL DWEEBS

johna posted 5 years ago

It always intrigues me how some Youtube channels grow and some don't... Youtube algorithms work in mysterious ways.

I came across a channel that has been around for close to a year and has content that should be of wide interest but it is only at 669 subscribers at the time of writing. Not that there's anything wrong with 669 subscribers - that's an achievement in itself - but the channel deserves to have lots more.

INITIAL DWEEBS follows a group of friends who work on old school Japanese cars.

Their projects include an early Toyota MR2, a Datsun 280Z, a Honda Civic and a few Toyota Corollas.

They do everything from engine swaps to bodywork and paint jobs.

I love their intro too.

Looks like the recently tried one of the "rebuild in 10 minutes" type videos that seemed to work so well for some other channels. But, no, still triple-digit subscribers.

My guess is that because most of their videos include plenty of swearing that Youtube is limiting their reach. I've heard before that Youtube can penalise channels because of bad language.

If you like JDM cars, engine swaps and restoration then the channel is well worth checking out.


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