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An overdue oil change

johna posted about 2000 Mercedes C200T 6 years ago

I finally got around to doing an oil change on the Mercedes.

It has been a while since I did one on this car so I had to Google to see which side the sump plug is on so I knew which side of the car to jack up (left side).

Our 2000 model has a large plastic cover underneath the engine so you can't see the sump plug. These covers don't appear on any of the oil change how-to videos I found.

In case you are wondering the cover is held on by four 8mm bolts (one on each corner) and then a plastic clip on each side which just pulls off/pushes on. The sump plug is 13mm.

After topping up with oil I also reset the service reminder which I've never bothered to do before. This is done by turning the key to position 2 and pressing the zero button on the left of the instrument cluster twice within four seconds. Then you turn the key back to the off position, press and hold the zero button, switch the key back to position two and wait for the beep and the service indicator to reset (back to 15,000 in case of kilomteres). Then release the button and switch the key back to off and you are done.

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