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Best quotes from today's used car listings

Motor Traders Network posted 2 years ago

We scour the classifieds for the most entertaining used car descriptions. Here's the best from today's listings...

Found this in a listing for a 2005 BMW 320i:

"Seat belt sign and air bag sign shows but it’s normal nothing wrong with car I already double check with bmw service centre they say that’s normal with these cars..."

It's pretty normal for BMWs to have lots of problems. Doesn't mean that they don't need to be fixed though, does it?

From the same listing:

"Cheap car selling because I moving to wA"

Pretty sure they have roads in Western Australia too.

And this on a 2004 Honda Accord Euro listing:

"a really nice car with no issues.... air con ( just stopped working 25/02 ) ... a/c compressor seized $100"

Okay, so maybe one issue?

And on another Accord Euro listing:

"Has a small grind on gear 3 but completely driveable. I skip gear 3 to prevent any damage to the gearbox. Also Can be driven like a normal."

But what happens if we drive it like a normal?

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