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New Youtube channel for Aussie car enthusiasts

Motor Traders Network posted 1 year ago

We recently came across a new Australian Youtube channel that has grown very quickly, obviously meeting the demand for more content on Australian cars.

I guess a lot of us are getting a bit bored watching Youtubers - who are mostly in the USA - restoring American muscle cars that are unobtainable here, or supercars that are well out of financial reach for most of us.

So let us introduce you to the Kingatow Crew channel. The host of the channel, Brendan aka "Red", owns a towing and parts recycling business in rural Queensland.

Red is a car fanatic and, as he is also in the enviable position of having access to towing and a wrecking yard full of car parts, he has not surprisingly built up a large collection of cars, most of which are in various states of restoration. We can only dream of how many cars we would have in the same situation.

Unlike a lot of channels that focus on one rebuild at a time, the regularly-posted Kingatow Crew videos flick from one project to another, with new projects added all the time... And that variety is one of the things that makes the channel great!

Speaking of variety, Aussie muscle car lovers will enjoy the Holden, Ford and Chrysler content, but Red's interests are much wider so there are also regular updates on his Chev-powered Jaguar, Nissan 300ZX, Subaru Brumby and Subaru WRX projects.

On the channel, you can also watch as Red discovers some amazing old cars and wrecks rusting away on rural properties – some of which get added to his collection, of course.

If you like the kind of road trip videos that Roadkill popularised, then you will enjoy watching as Red and his wife Nicole fly 1,000 km away to pick up a rust-ridden Commodore SV89 sitting unused in someone's yard for a long time and attempt to get it going and drive it all the way home. Of course, it didn't go smoothly.

Red loves Australia and has plans to take viewers along on more road trips around the country.

Projects? "Barn" finds? Road trips? What more could you want in a car channel?

How about regular live streams? There's a Saturday morning update where you can keep up-to-date with the status of the many projects, and watch as he and mechanic Leith (aka "Captain") do some work on one of the project cars. They have even been working each Saturday on a project Toyota Dyna which they plan to give away to a subscriber.

There's also a new Wednesday night live stream where Red attempts to help match people looking for parts with other viewers who may be able to help them.

The channel has grown quickly to almost 5,000 subscribers at the time this was written. Don't expect a commercial production – this is just a real Aussie who lives and breathes cars taking you along for the ride.


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