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A used car seller with no idea?

Motor Traders Network posted 2 years ago

We came across this listing for a 2002 Mercedes-Benz on Carsales today, and it's so bad that we had to share.

What first got our attention was that this 18-year-old car was being offered for $14,250. A quick check of prices on Carsales shows that similar models are priced from $3,500 to $9,000. Around $5,000 to $6,000 we also found a few cars with similar mileage, and also some more desirable models.

We checked the description to see what reason there might be for such a huge margin over other similar models. There was mention of low kilometres (92,000), a full-service history from new, and apparently no children had ever sullied the car. It also had aftermarket wheels and sheepskin seat covers. Nowhere near enough in our opinion to justify such a huge margin over the going rate.

Another interesting part of the description is that the seller seemed insistent that the car had a 2.0-litre engine despite Carsales specifications stating it is a 1.8-litre engine. A check of the VIN confirms Carsales got it right and it is 1.8-litres.

The next part is a little dumbfounding. The description boasts that the car is registered in NSW until 24 June 2013. Yes, June 2013 - over 6 years ago. There is even a photo of the registration label attached to the windscreen (labels were phased out in 2013). A check of the registration on the Service NSW website shows the car has current registration which expires in June 2020. Huh!?!

We started to think that they may have been trying to see the car since 2013 and using the same ad, but Carsales reports the listing was posted only today.

We wonder how soon it will sell?

Update: The listing has since been revised with a new price – $5,250 – much more reasonable!

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