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My 1990 BMW 318is (E30)

johna posted about 1990 BMW 318is 3 years ago
I bought this 1990 BMW 318is from a dealer on Sydney's Northern Beaches. From memory it was around $17,000 (Australian Dollars). At the time it had travelled about 135,000 km and I sold it around...

Dual Switchable Chips for BMW E30 M42

johna posted a discussion 8 years ago
Having finally purchased an after-market performance chip I wanted to be able to easily switch back to the original chip to make comparisons and perhaps even in case of unavailability of high octane...

Airbox Modification For Increased Sound

johna posted about 1990 BMW 318is 8 years ago
Inspired by a news item for a Porsche "exhaust enhancement sound package" in Zoom magazine (Feb-Mar 1997) I thought if it was good enough for Porsche to drill holes in the side of the airbox to...

BMW M42 Engine Technical Information (E30)

johna posted a KB article 8 years ago
Reproduced from the BMW TIS. BMW has developed a completely new 16 valve, four cylinder engine which is ideally suited for the E30 vehicle. The new M42 engine will be found in two new...

My second 1990 318is

johna posted about 1990 BMW 318is #2 8 years ago
This is my second E30 318is. My first one was red and I had owned it for several years, from 135,000km to 290,000km. I sold it and bought a different car but missed the little lightweight 318is...
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