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Final update for my supercharged BMW 318is

johna posted about 1998 BMW 318is 4 years ago
Today is the final update for the supercharged BMW 318is as it has been sold and I will be attempting to use my new (to me) Volvo V50 as my daily transport. The BMW sold very quickly - within a...

1998 BMW 318is with DASC For Sale Sold

For sale · AUD 5,900.00 · New South Wales, Australia
johna posted a buy & sell 4 years ago
Selling my 1998 BMW 318is, Avus Blue, 5-speed manual, M44 1.9-litre twin-cam engine. Has done 310,000 km. Registration to 29 October 2020. Limited-edition Sport model which came with a factory...
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My supercharged 318is hits 300,000km

johna posted about 1998 BMW 318is 4 years ago 1
Today my 1998 BMW 318is reached 300,000 km (186411 miles), and is still going strong. Not bad for a car with an aftermarket supercharger fitted for most of its life. I haven't updated on the...

Improvements to my air intake system

johna posted about 1998 BMW 318is 8 years ago
Since I bought this car, the air intake system has been a bit of a mess. Originally the exit from the PCV valve was routed to before the MAF. Except there was no PCV valve - just a pipe from the...

M44 to M50 clutch replacement for my supercharged 318is

johna posted about 1998 BMW 318is 9 years ago
I finally got around to having the second hand M50 dual mass flywheel and clutch kit fitted today. I can confirm that it is a bolt in replacement with no modifications required. The...

Updates on my 318is

johna posted about 1998 BMW 318is 9 years ago
For some time I had noticed some noise from the rear of the car but it got to the point where I finally did something about it. I jacked the car up and could hear and feel the problem by turning the...
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My Supercharged 318is updates

johna posted about 1998 BMW 318is 10 years ago
When I got home after buying my 1998 318is Sport, my wife, who had been following me, said that that when I accelerated hard it was quite smokey - although she couldn't tell me what colour the smoke...

My new 1998 318is Sport with... Supercharger!

johna posted about 1998 BMW 318is 11 years ago
After several months of searching for my next car, last night I spotted a 1998 318is Sport for sale. Not only was it priced quite low, but the advertisement said it was supercharged. The next...
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