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Inline 6-cylinder engine available in various BMW models. Sizes were 2.0-litre (bmw-m50b20) and 2.5-litre (bmw-m20b25). TU (Technical Update) engines were equipped with single VANOS. Superceded by the bmw-m52 around 1996.


BMW M50TU Technical Information

johna posted a KB article 4 years ago 1
Reproduced from the BMW TIS. With the introduction of the 1993 E34 and E36 models, a revised version of the M50 engine is also introduced. The revised four valve, six cylinder engine is...

Common problem with M50 vacuum connector

johna posted about 1991 BMW 325i 10 years ago
There's a common problem with the BMW M50 engines as fitted to the E36 320i and 325i, and the E34 520i and 525i. On the intake manifold there is a air pipe connection that over time can come...

Sold my 325i

johna posted about 1991 BMW 325i 11 years ago
With some remorse already, last weekend I sold my 1991 BMW 325i. It had been for sale for sometime, and as I hadn't any idea what I would replace it with, I was in no rush to sell it. But it...

Lightweight flywheel options for BMW M50 engine

johna posted a discussion 12 years ago
I like the idea of replacing the dual-mass flywheel in my 325i with a conventional flywheel next time I have to replace a clutch. There are quite a few aftermarket lightweight flywheels available...

BMW M50 Engine Technical Information (E36)

johna posted a KB article 12 years ago
Reproduced from the BMW TIS. Document no. 110490000, October 1990. BMW has developed a new six-cylinder, four valve engine which will be found in the 525i model. Known internally as the...

First drive, and first steps to registration for my new 1991 325i

johna posted about 1991 BMW 325i 12 years ago
It was my first chance to drive the car today and have a good look over it, as I had to go and get a blue slip or whatever it is called now. Good news - it passed with no problems. I can...

Just bought a 1991 325i sight unseen

johna posted about 1991 BMW 325i 12 years ago
I have been looking for a replacement for my '94 318is coupe for quite a few months now. I was wanting the practicality of a 4-door due to having to soon carry a baby seat, etc. I had a strange...
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