M44 to M50 clutch replacement for my supercharged 318is

johna posted about 1998 BMW 318is 9 years ago
I finally got around to having the second hand M50 dual mass flywheel and clutch kit fitted today. I can confirm that it is a bolt in replacement with no modifications required. The...

More about flywheel options for BMW M40, M42 and M44 engines

johna posted a discussion 10 years ago
As I need to replace the clutch in my supercharged 1998 318is I have been looking into what options there are for a stronger and preferably lighter clutch. M42/M44 dual mass flywheel and...

Lightweight flywheel options for BMW M50 engine

johna posted a discussion 12 years ago
I like the idea of replacing the dual-mass flywheel in my 325i with a conventional flywheel next time I have to replace a clutch. There are quite a few aftermarket lightweight flywheels available...
johna posted a reply 8 months ago 1

Lighter Flywheel Options for BMW M42

johna posted a discussion 12 years ago
Ever since I bought my 318is I have always felt it would benefit from a lighter flywheel mainly as it is particularly slow to drop revs on upchanges. It would probably also help acceleration too....
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