Cheap fixes for broken Mercedes-Benz W202/S202 side mirrors

johna posted a KB article 10 months ago
It appears to be a common problem that Mercedes W/S202 mirrors lose their ability to fold and eventually break where the spring mounts, rendering them useless. You can purchase new mirror...

How to disassemble the Mercedes 5-speed automatic shifter mechanism

johna posted about 2000 Mercedes C200T 2 years ago
The same shifter mechanism is found in late-model W202 C-Class and some other models, possibly W163 M-Class and W124 E-Class. The symptoms of a fault with these shifter mechanisms is that the...
johna posted a reply 2 years ago 1

How (not?) to replace transmission shifter bushing on a Mercedes W202 C-Class

johna posted about 2000 Mercedes C200T 2 years ago
Our year 2000 C200T (wagon) with 722.6 5-speed transmission was having trouble starting. After much frustration, I started suspecting the gear position switch was the cause, as when it wouldn't...

Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W202) 1993-2000 Review

Motor Traders Network posted a discussion 3 years ago
Available as a 4-door sedan or 5-door wagon. The model received a facelift in 1997. Early pre-facelift models (1997) had problematic wiring harnesses which degrade over time and require...
test111 posted a reply 3 years ago 2

Water pump replacement

johna posted about 2000 Mercedes C200T 3 years ago 1
I have noticed for quite a while that our C200T has been making quite a bit of noise, particularly at startup. It seemed exceptionally bad when I last drove the car so I thought it was time to...

How to remove 1998/1999/2000 Mercedes-Benz W202 C-Class door cards

johna posted a discussion 5 years ago
These instructions relate to the later model W202 C-Class. Early models (1995 - 1997) have different door cards and no door-mounted side airbags so a different procedure is involved. I recently...

Instrument cluster repair

johna posted about 2000 Mercedes C200T 5 years ago
The digital displays on our Mercedes have been getting worse over time and were at the point where you couldn't see the time or the outside temperature, and it was difficult to see the mileage....

An overdue oil change

johna posted about 2000 Mercedes C200T 6 years ago
I finally got around to doing an oil change on the Mercedes. It has been a while since I did one on this car so I had to Google to see which side the sump plug is on so I knew which side of the...

New car for wife

johna posted about 2000 Mercedes C200T 6 years ago
We bought this 2000 model Mercedes-Benz C200T for $3,400. It had travelled around 220,000km. It's white with 5-speed automatic transmission and black leather interior, including built-in child...

Carry On Lifestyle (Car, UK, September 1996)

johna posted a KB article 6 years ago
Article from Car (UK) magazine, September 1996 They're an ad agency's dream, tailor made for a thirty-something lifestyle. PAUL HORRELL drives four 'estates' that put image way before...
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