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Topic for the second generation S40 (2004-2012). For the wagon see volvo-v50, for convertible see volvo-c70, for hatchback see volvo-c30 and for the first generation S40 (1995-2004) see volvo-s40.


How to remove the under dash knee pad (instrument panel lower) on a Volvo S40/V50/C30

johna posted a KB article 8 months ago
Instrument panel lower Note! The illustrations in this service information are used for different model years and/or models. Some variation may occur. However, the essential information in the...

Volvo S40/V50 P1 battery replacement

johna posted a discussion 10 months ago
Replacement procedure: Remove strut brace if fitted. Torque: M8, 24 Nm Remove the top battery cover. Disconnect the battery: first disconnect the negative battery cable, and then the...

How to replace Volvo B5244S4 right engine pad/mount

johna posted a KB article 10 months ago
Support engine. Pull coolant overflow tank out and move to the side. Warning! Be prepared to collect escaping fluid. Remove x2 screws from engine pad to frame member Torque: 90 Nm Remove...

How to replace Volvo B5244S4 accessory belts

johna posted a KB article 10 months ago
1. Support the vehicle and remove right front wheel. 2. Remove engine undertray. 3. Relax tension on belt and remove belt. To install, reverse the removal...

Volvo B5244S4 timing belt replacement

johna posted a KB article 10 months ago
1. Remove accessory drive belt. https://www.motortraders.net/articles/2289-how-to-replace-volvo-b5244s4-accessory-belts 2. Remove right engine mount. https://www.motortraders...

Volvo S40/V50/C30/C70 II rear brake caliper piston rewind tool specifications

johna posted a discussion 1 year ago
When changing the rear brake pads on a Volvo P1 chassis model (S40, V50, C30, C70 II), you can't just push the piston back into the caliper to make room for the new pads. The pistons on these...

Cleaning the camshaft check valve (VVT valve) on a Volvo B5244S4

johna posted a discussion 3 years ago
My Volvo V50 2.4i recently threw a couple of VVT related error codes: ECM-640A and ECM-640F and one of the suggestions in VIDA is to clean or replace the inlet camshaft check valve (VVT valve)....

Volvo - Ford - Mazda P1 parts compatability

johna posted a KB article 4 years ago
Putting together a list of Volvo P1 parts (S40/V50/C30/C70) and their Ford and Mazda equivalents. Volvo Part Part No. Ford P/N Mazda P/N Coolant tank (2.4i) 30776151 1438913 /...
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